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Questions & Answers
What got you interested in Mysticism/Spirituality?
Mysticism and Spirituality came natural to me. There wasn’t a specific event or
thing  that got me interested, it simply always was.  As a young child, I was able to
communicate with and feel the presence of spirits and ghosts. I found their company

What gifts do you have? How long did it take for them to mature?  
My primary clair is clairaudience. In addition to clearly hearing Spirit, Guides and
Angels through clairaudience other modalities or gifts I embrace are clairvoyance,
clairsentience, claircognizance and psychometry.
Since I was a young child Spirits, Guides and Angels interrupted and blended with my thoughts daily.
I thought everyone dealt with dual or multiple thoughts, not voices, simply interrupting thoughts. It wasn’t until later in life after I moved from the South Side of Chicago to the Colorado Rocky Mountains that I actually discovered who’s on first!
Living in the mountains, provided unexpected and profound clarity for me. All the noise, commotion and drama from my life and surroundings in Chicago had silenced. My interrupting thoughts became more frequent and pronounced. As the interrupting thoughts persisted,
I would do what I was most familiar with as a young child. I’d go to the Ouija board, with fingertips lightly positioned on the indicator, and ask them, “What?”.
I would feel the stimulating and tingling energies of each Spirit flow through me. Each Spirit had their own unique vibrational energy. I could identify the Spirit on the board through their vibrational energies.
Living in the mountains, I worked remotely from home, representing the Chicago organization of the technology corporation I was employed with. One high pressured regular day while working at my computer on a huge project with deadline of completion approaching, the pressure and frustration were mounting. At one point, I felt like I was suffocating, the room was closing in on me. I literally ran out of the office and into the kitchen for some air and coffee. After many deep breaths with beverage in hand, I proceeded down the hallway to reenter my office. As I was walking down the hallway, I clearly heard louder than ever, “Patty, go to the board! Go to the board!”
I stopped dead in my tracks, was shaking my head and shouted out loud, “What! I can hear YOU! ” Of course I could hear them, I always could!
This was the first time I told them that. I heard a crowd of Spirits laughing and cheering, "Ya! Hooray! Yes it’s us!  
She finally gets it now!” I felt my parents at the front and center of the crowd. They were the loudest and most excited.
I didn’t need to use the Ouija board ever again after that. I still did for a bit longer though just to feel the energies generated from the board.
It was like individualized electricity flowing through my fingertips and throughout my body. Whenever I needed a “charge”,
I’d go to the board. Eventually it became cumbersome and I retired the board. 
Have you written a book? Do you teach classes?
Not yet. My story does need to be told in a book though. I will be able to share my lifetime of spiritual knowledge and experiences in a book and with teaching classes. I would love to teach classes to those interested in learning what Spiritual gifts they have to discover, how to identify them and use them.  As was my story, I had Spiritual gifts all along and was using them. I just didn’t know it nor acknowledged my gifts until later in life. 

What was the moment that you decided to start your own business?
The moment I decided to start my own business was shortly after moving to Colorado. I received a reading from a local psychic. The messages received during that reading affirmed that I would be successful in my psychic business, speaking in front of thousands of people and writing a book. Apparently, that was just the validation I needed to be able to trust myself and my gifts to be able to leave the corporate world behind and start my own psychic medium business. I wanted to use my gifts the way they were intended, for helping other people, bringing spiritual awareness and changing lives. 

When working on your business becomes difficult, what do you cling to for inspiration?
When working on my business becomes difficult, I take a break and meditate.

When difficulties arise, meditation provides me inspiration, clarity and the grounding needed to reset. Meditation is easy, just sit, breath and clear the mind.   Janine Bolon’s self-paced online meditation course expanded my meditation practice to a whole new level. I highly recommend taking Janine Bolon’s 3 Minute Meditations self-paced online course. There's always more to learn.

What are some of the ways the Spiritual community has helped you? 
There are many wonderful mystics out there, but I didn’t know any, didn’t think anyone cared nor was interested in my gifts nor my spiritual journey. Before moving to Colorado, I closeted my psychic abilities. I’d help others without them knowing I was tapping into my psychic abilities. I felt like the undercover psychic, the lone psychic wolf out there.
I worked my psychic readings in Colorado through family, friends and referrals. People come into our lives for a reason and exactly at the right time, every time. That's when I met Janine Bolon. Janine is a spiritual and metaphysical networking genius, a Scientist, Shaman, Sacred Clown, accomplished author, radio show host, teacher, life coach, scout leader, mother, homeschools and more! Janine introduced me to spiritual communities and opportunities that have opened doors needed for growth and success of my business.
What sorts of growth do you see in your business for the future? 
I see tremendous growth in my business for the future. I’m reaching more clients with working as many metaphysical fairs and expos as possible.
Remotely I'm doing more readings over the phone, through webcam, Skype, Facebook Messenger, letters, SMS and even texts. 
Where do you see your Mysticism taking you in the future? 
I see my mysticism taking me to higher levels of spiritual awareness and new business opportunities. I plan to reach and help as many people as possible, bringing spiritual awareness into their lives and connecting them with their Loved Ones on the Other Side.