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Patty Peritz
Psychic Medium

Psychic Medium Readings

Bringing spiritual awareness into our lives is more important than ever. Through Divine communication people can receive the Spirit connections they seek and desire.

I receive Divine communication through channeling Spirit, working as the conduit for energy between the
Spirit world and the physical world.

Being a strong empath, I deliver honest and compassionate Psychic Medium Readings, Spiritual Guidance and Grief Counseling. The Divine communication that comes through provides messages intended for the receiver.

My passion is connecting people with their Loved Ones, Guides and Angels on the Other Side while bringing spiritual awareness into their lives. My goal and mission in life is to help others through Spirit, connect as many physical people as possible with their Loved Ones, Guides and Angels on the Other Side.

My predominate modality source is Clairaudience. I clearly hear Spirit communication coming through from the Other Side. They know I can here them.

Other modalities I embrace are Clairvoyance, Claircognizance, Clairsentience and Psychometry. I started reading for clients professionally 18 years ago.