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Patty Peritz
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My Story

 I’ve been able to clearly hear Spirits, Guides and Angels since I was a young child. Everyone has at least one Angel, Spirit Guide and at least one loved one
who is Over There that they communicate with, right? 

From an early age I thought everyone heard and received communication from Over There. I realized later in life, that everyone can but not everyone does.

I was brought to light in my early childhood, seeing and talking to the dead at the age of 5. 

At my grandmother's passing when I was 5 years old, she came to see me in my astral travels during my sleep.  I saw with my grandmother the tunnel of light with an endless stream of shadowy figures walking towards and into the light.
During that moment I was able to help my grandmother release her fears and resistance to go with them to the Other Side.

I grew up in a household where spiritual practices and activities were as common as a nightly game of Scrabble. My mother and her friend would stay up late at night carrying on with seances, practising hypnotism, table tipping, using the Ouija board and playing Scrabble. I would silently watch them from the other room. That is how I learned to freely call out and talk to Spirits.  I thought everyone did this.

My teenage and young adult years were tumultuous, full of battling and challenging relationships and addictions, always trying to silence the shoulder angels, my clairaudience.

In my late 30's, my mother died and a year later my father died.
During my father’s passing, I witnessed his soul leaving his body.
This was truly enlightening!

A couple years later, I moved from the South Side of Chicago of 40 years,
to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.
Living in Colorado is where I started reading for clients professionally.